Americans looking for leadership on Covid find disappointment

“Nothing’s been good enough,” President Joe Biden told ABC’s David Muir. He was talking about a lack of available Covid-19 tests, but he might have been talking about anything as the virus has rampaged through the country, in wave after wave, and successive US governments have fallen short.

“I don’t think it’s a failure,” Biden said of the lack of tests, which is complicating Americans’ plans for safe holiday travel and gathering. Rather, it was a lack of foresight.

“The answer is yeah, I wish I had thought about ordering half a million (tests) two months ago, before Covid hit here.”

Americans can expect that their governments, run by Republicans or Democrats, will be caught off guard by a pandemic.

But as Covid-19 surges on, Washington has returned to its partisan sniping and general paralysis.

Public health officials are warning of a tsunami of infections of the Omicron variant of…

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