American Series ‘The Boys’ Mutes ‘Al Qaeda’ Reference For Muslims In India, Retains Swastika Link With Nazism


The third season of popular American television series The Boys started streaming in India on 3 June on Amazon Prime. It is a superhero series where protagonists are not always good and noble but can be evil and arrogant.

It is learnt that Amazon, in India, has censored a derogatory reference to a Muslim character in the series. At the same time, a derogatory reference to Hindu holy symbol Swastika has been retained.

In a scene, a character uses an expletive before the word “Muslim”, and calls a Muslim character as “Captain Al Qaeda”.

In India, the expletive as well as “Al Qaeda” have been muted. This has been done not only for English, but also Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubs.

The series carries a rating on Amazon Prime, which means it can be viewed by adults.

As per a website, this censorship has not been done in other countries reviewed by the website. The only country other…

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