American People Need to Actively Push Back Against CCP Threats: Gordon Chang


The Chinese Communist Party is working to subvert the United States and the American people should step up to fight back against such threats, according to China analyst and author Gordon Chang.

“China exploits every point of contact with us to overthrow our government. They’re overwhelming us: law enforcement is overwhelmed, academia is overwhelmed, everyone is overwhelmed,” Chang said at an event hosted by the New York Young Republican Club on March 15.

To advance its interests, the Chinese regime has courted political elites and other U.S. business entities in the United States, Chang said

The expert pointed to the well-publicized case concerning a suspected Chinese spy who had links to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif), when he was still a local city council member.

In December 2020, an Axios report revealed that the alleged Chinese spy, Christine Fang, had built up an extensive…

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