America needs fresh voices in politics



Fresh blood is needed. The era of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will come to a close someday. Trump’s rhetoric is wearing on people, and Biden’s is not too far behind. Let’s move on and do something more powerful and more interesting.

If we ran candidates such as Rob Portman, Nikki Haley, Condoleeza Rice and John Thune, we would have a much better outcome. Biden will probably run, but Vice President Kamala Harris will run if for some reason Biden does not. She would make a good president.

If you do not like Dr. Mehmet Oz, be bold and vote for a write-in candidate. If you do not like John Fetterman, be bold and vote for a write-in candidate. This will send a message of volumes. Berks County cast more votes for Kathy Barnette in the Republican primary than they did for Oz or David McCormick (the runner-up for the GOP Senate nomination). That tells you something about Berks…

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