Amazon’s court documents reveal the vile messages that led to Parler’s ban


Parler, the far-right Twitter alternative, is struggling. The app was banned by Google and Apple over the weekend, but the worst blow came when Amazon announced on Sunday that it was kicking Parler off its servers. As a result, the site has been offline all week and scrambling to find a new host. Parler is suing in hopes of receiving an emergency motion to force Amazon to restore its services, but a court filing made on Tuesday by Amazon illustrates just how vile and dangerous the rhetoric on the site really was.

In the filing, which was first reported by the Seattle Times and obtained by Mic, the e-commerce giant shows how exactly Parler violated its terms of service, and describes Parler’s content moderation style as a “hands-off approach.”

Amazon claims it reported to Parler “content that threatens the public safety, such as by inciting and planning the rape, torture, and…

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