All the Wildest Bits From Maggie Haberman’s New Donald Trump Book


For four long years, the United States was run by a “sophisticated parrot,” as campaign aides reportedly called him.

Rather than asking a high-ranking general to further elucidate a concept he didn’t quite grasp, Donald Trump, the nation’s commander-in-chief, instead “shouted down the teachers.” When preparing to debate sensitive issues such as transgender rights, he inquired as to whether the subject of one hypothetical scenario was “cocked or decocked.”

And while certain people believed Trump had a malign intent in many of his decisions, such as impulsively tweeting out a classified image in 2019 of an Iranian missile launch facility, others “believed he was operating with the emotional development of a 12-year-old,” playing fast-and-loose with state secrets “to get attention for himself.”

“If you take out the classification that’s the sexy part,” Trump…

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