After first 11 months, Harris’ Vice Presidency is a work in progress – The Ukiah Daily Journal


New year, new start for Kamala Harris?

Last year should have been one of triumph for the vice president. She was a pathfinder as the first female, Black and Asian occupant of the office. Her ascendancy wiped away the memories of her faltering 2020 presidential campaign, which ended before the election year even began. She was second-in-command to a man who had held the position before, who understood its frustrations and, just as important, understood its potential.

And the whole enterprise turned out to be a bit of a dud.

She didn’t accomplish much, she didn’t burnish her image, she didn’t carve out achievements on her own. But in fairness, one of the reasons she didn’t stand out was because she was in a position where the job description calls for a political figure to stand aside.

Her role, and the role of the vice presidency more broadly, are works in progress. As Joe…

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