After activist arrested at press conference, Ron DeSantis bashes ‘authoritarian’ Joe Biden


Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ Tuesday press conference in Jacksonville started late after community activists refused to leave the building when asked by aides.

After the arrest of 72-year-old Ben Frazier, the remarks went as scheduled.

Also appearing as scheduled: an email during the press event from the Governor’s political operation, ironically bashing “authoritarian” President Joe Biden for COVID-19 policies.

“Back in August, Biden told me to ‘get out of the way’ if I wouldn’t go along with his administration’s authoritarian, lockdown COVID policies, guided by Dr. (Anthony) Fauci and his ‘science,’” DeSantis asserted.

“Fortunately, I never caved to Biden’s ineffective and authoritarian government lockdowns and mandates in Florida,” DeSantis added in an email full of familiar attacks.

DeSantis bashed Biden for having “demagogued” former President Donald…

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