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A Year in Review: North Country Politics


WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) -Politics used to be simple.

You’d start to pay attention sometime after Labor Day, and could safely stop paying attention sometime in mid-November. The details were only for the pros and the obsessed, who treated politics with the same reverance most people reserve for sports.

Those days are officially long gone.

2021 was more proof of that – it was another year of always-on, 24 hour a day, what’s going to happen next, hold your breath politics. Three things fueled the year – the Capitol riots of January 6, Andrew Cuomo’s stunning falling from power and, of course, Covid, Covid, Covid.

To unpack the year, start with January 6.

Remember what happened – thousands of peeople showed up in Washington to protest the results of the presidential election, and some of them went a step further. They tried to overturn the results of the election and keep President…

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