A prolonged Refugee Crisis in South and Southeast Asia


Approximately one million Rohingya refugees reside in Bangladesh, the majority of whom crossed the border after a harsh military campaign in Myanmar’s Rakhine State started in August 2017. Bangladesh has generously offered a safe haven to this sizable population while also attempting to handle the displacement crisis as a short-term issue, stressing the significance of repatriation and avoiding multi-year planning. This strategy hasn’t worked. The process of repatriation has slowed. Criminality and violence in and around the Rohingya camps in southern Bangladesh appear to be on the rise, and Dhaka has responded more vehemently.

After almost a million Rohingyas fled Myanmar for Bangladesh, its government moved swiftly to provide for them in the Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf areas. The Bangladeshi government then moved to decongest these camps by moving some of the Rohingyas to other…

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