A Life in Many Worlds Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin reveals where her loyalties lie


In many ways Abedin’s story is the great American dream: the daughter of immigrants, both academics, she never planned on a career in government. “I was 21,” she says, “and I wasn’t even sure I was a Democrat.”

Initially Abedin wanted to experience the White House Press Office, but she didn’t make the cut and was sent, instead, to the First Lady’s Office. “My mother, at the time, said, ‘You know, Plan A didn’t work out, but maybe Plan B will.’ And Plan B turned out to be pretty good.”

Working in Hillaryland, as the then-first lady’s office was known, was “a sink- or-swim environment”.

”It was an intense atmosphere, the stakes were very high.”

It is clear Abedin’s loyalties are still very much with the former secretary of state.  AP

A job came up to assist Clinton on a trip to Argentina and Abedin took it, leaving a family wedding in the first of…

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