A letter to Sir Geoffrey Nice: Don’t get upset for failure of ‘Uyghur Tribunal’


Women in traditional garb chat in Tuancheng during a break from a group dance during the Corban Festival in Hotan. Photo: Liu Xin, Fan Lingzhi/GT

Dear Sir Geoffrey Nice,

I’m writing to share my views on the failure of the “Uyghur Tribunal.” Don’t get upset because you failed to make it a human rights or political blast. It is totally in line with the anticipation, since the global audience has kept its eyes wide open, and it has been increasingly hard for rumors to spread beyond Fleet Street nowadays.

It’s simply tiresome for you and your crew to manage to spend days and nights drafting a “judgment” out of nowhere. I really mean it because it reads more like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller than a serious legal document or academic work. The so-called tribunal, by nature and as your team has suggested, is not a judicial body, and the “verdict” obviously is not a legally binding…

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