A large Republican field is key to Trump’s success – Lake County Record-Bee


The New Hampshire primary is at least 14 months away, but already the shape of the contest is becoming as clear as the view of the early snowcap on Mount Washington from the scenic vista along Route 16.

Though wounded in last month’s midterm congressional elections, though blamed by party leaders for the failure of the Republican red wave to sweep away scores of Democratic lawmakers, though spurned by GOP donors who believe he is yesterday’s cat food, though degraded as a force by the mainstream media, Donald

Trump possesses great assets in his drive to win a second term:
Ron DeSantis. Nikki Haley. Mike Pompeo. Mike Pence. Tim Scott. Rick Scott. Glenn Youngkin. Chris Christie. Kristi Noem. Chris Sununu.

Conventional wisdom (you have read it everywhere): The 10 potential Republican presidential candidates, maybe more, who smell blood in Republican waters is a strong sign that Trump…

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