A Golden Year’s Remembrance


2021 was Our Town’s 50th year of publishing, and during its golden year I’ve written about the early days and those who were there then and are here now. At year’s end – Our Town’s 51st year will be in April 2022 – I’d like to remember Katy Morgan, an editor in the early 80s, who passed in Sept 2020. Her sister, Barbara Wilcox, hosted a Zoom memorial for Katy’s friends and family, which I attended. I’d like to thank Barbara, Mark Dawson who wrote Katy’s obit, and Dennis King, who was an Our Town investigative reporter, for sharing their memories of Katy for this article. I believe Dennis was responsible for bringing Katy to the paper.

Remembering Katy: She was born Catherine Louise Morgan in Illinois. Katy graduated from Colorado State Teachers College, now Northern Colorado University, got her masters degree from University of California at Berkeley in Italian…

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