7 Political Wish Lists for the New Year


Schumer has literally no votes to spare, which means every Democratically aligned senator holds de facto veto power. He also needs all 50 of those senators to stay healthy and present, not just for the Build Back Better bill but also other priorities like confirming judges and an attempt to pass voting-rights legislation.

Wish list: Democratic health and unity; passage of the Build Back Better Act.

Joe Manchin: The Senate’s most conservative and consequential Democrat recently declared on Fox News — yes, Fox News — that he was a no on the Build Back Better Act. It sent the White House scrambling and delivered a potentially fatal setback to the party’s signature legislation.

Wish list: If Democrats knew for sure, it would already be in the bill.

Kevin McCarthy: The House Republican leader has already started to be cast as the next speaker — presuming his party retakes the…

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