6 California politics stories to watch in 2023


Barring a recall — and California has seen more than its share of those recently — there won’t be a marquee political race in 2023, unless something unforeseen happens.

The good news: Political advertisements on’t be bombarding every platform you’re watching like they did this year. (RIP, sports gambling ballot measures.)

There will be no shortage, however, of hot political stories in 2023, from jockeying for position in the presidential race to a potentially open U.S. Senate seat to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s battles with the oil industry.

Here are some stories to watch:

Senate jockeying begins: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s term is up in 2024 and at 89 years old, she is unlikely to seek another six-year term. Feinstein said she would likely make an announcement on her decision by spring. If she taps out, the looming void will trigger…

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