55 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching ‘Love Actually’


It’s the holiday season, which means it is definitively time to watch some terrible, shlocky Christmas movies that—nevertheless—manage to put a tear in your eye. (Just me?) Thus, in the grand tradition of Lindy West, whose Love Actually recap from 2013 deserves to be entered into the annals of history, I present to you a catalog of all the thoughts I had while revisiting this Christmas classic. Enjoy:

  1. We open on some early-2000s shots of people having fun at the airport, because apparently that’s something people used to do? I don’t see a shot of a hungover young woman tearing up with misery in an endless Starbucks line four minutes before her flight boards, so I am feeling less than represented.
  2. God, we don’t deserve Bill Nighy.
  3. Aw, people are ice skating! Why don’t I ever go ice skating?
  4. Colin Firth is running off to a wedding, leaving his mean girlfriend (foreshadowing)…

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