5 scandals to look out for in Kathleen Buhle’s upcoming memoir on Hunter Biden


Hunter Biden appears to have a lot of trouble staying out of the news these days. Ever since the 2020 campaign for Joe Biden kicked off, Republicans have found Hunter an easy target, something that continues into the second year of Biden’s presidency. After a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter opened up a pandora’s box of woes, he’s now got a new source of worry – his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

In April 2021, Hunter attempted to stem the fallout from the laptop with his own memoir, titled ‘Beautiful Things’, but it failed to garner much attention or sympathy. Since then, we’ve learned more about Hunter, such as the fact he was gifted an $800k diamond by a Chinese businessman and helped a Romanian tycoon evade prison. So far, he’s weathered all the storms, but could find it difficult with Buhle’s memoir on the horizon.


Hunter Biden ‘convinced’ Joe Biden to approve of…

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