5 Republican Politicians Freaking Out About DC’s Vaccine Mandates


Photograph by Jessica Sidman.

Rand Paul

The Kentucky Senator, along with four Republican co-sponsors, has introduced legislation that would repeal what he calls “ridiculous, unscientific” DC vaccine mandates for students as well for indoor venues ranging from restaurants to gyms. While he argues the mandates infringe on the rights of parents and consumers, DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton calls his bill an “undemocratic” infringement on the city’s duly elected government. It’s not the first time Rand has tried to meddle with local regulations: He has previously attempted to dismantle DC’s gun control laws and legalize concealed carry.

Ted Cruz

The Texas senator likewise wants to overturn DC’s student vaccine mandate. In introducing a joint resolution last week, Cruz said the DC mandate was based on “the hysterical demands of radical liberal activists and…

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