22 questions to kick off 2022


As the calendar once again turns, it’s time to drag the crystal ball from the closet — man, this thing is heavy! — to have it answer 22 vitally important questions about 2022. Ready? Here goes.

With rancor in his heart and $18 million in his pocket, the Democrat would have relished a campaign of vengeance against Tish James. But with the attorney general out of the race, he won’t risk the humiliation of losing to Kathy Hochul. 

2. OK, so will Andrew Cuomo run for something else?

Yes! New York’s former governor will seek to become president … of his condo board. But despite spending $11 million on his campaign, he’ll lose to Ethel from Apt. 11C.

3. Will Kathy Hochul win?

Yes, with massive financial support from New York’s lobbyists and their big-money clients, who (wink, wink) want absolutely…

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