2023 Will Be the Year for Republicans to Decide How Hard They’re Willing to Fight Trump


After tiptoeing around the issue for two years, 2023 will force Republicans to reckon with a major question as they begin their 2024 presidential nominating process: What to do about former President Donald Trump, a man whose continued impolitic actions, attacks on elections and mere presence on the stage have been cast as a drag on the GOP’s prospects for future victories.

Just over a year from the first Republican presidential nominating contests, any effort to dethrone Trump looks daunting — especially if several known aspirants join the contest. But a new Morning Consult survey shows a two-horse race could see him as the loser, setting up a complicated high-stakes battle over the next 13 months.

“Do Republicans have a choice? I believe they do,” said Republican strategist Michael Biundo, who advised Trump’s…

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