2022 Midterm Elections Could Shake Up Biden’s Foreign Policy


It’s all up for grabs again in 2022, and while U.S. President Joe Biden won’t be on the ballot in the midterm elections, House and Senate Democrats in swing states will have the unenviable task of having to defend his foreign-policy record as polls have turned decisively against the commander in chief in recent months.

Foreign policy is not usually the biggest issue in any U.S. election. (Exit polls showed that foreign policy wasn’t among the top four issues on voters’ minds in 2020 or 2018.) But this year could be an exception. Biden, who came into office vowing to repair four years of damage done by former President Donald Trump, has instead stumbled from one foreign-policy misstep to another. The chaotic endgame and hurried withdrawal from Afghanistan, in particular, could continue to be an albatross for Democrats, but so could simmering flash points in places like…

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