2021 Year in review: News • Dramatic progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS


HIV Virus

New treatments in the fight against AIDS were overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic but were dramatic.

Approval of Cabenuva is the biggest advance in HIV treatment since a daily pill was approved that prevented death from the virus. The daily pill may now be replaced with a once a month injection. And research continues toward the goal of lengthening the time between injections from one month to two — maybe even longer.

North Texas Infectious Disease Consultants in Dallas is just one of the locations which has been conducting trials for the once-a-month Cabenuva treatments. Bryan King, vice president of clinical research and business development at NTIDC, said, “Our research department has participated in all the Cabenuva trials over the past 10 years. We actually gave one of the first injections here in the U.S.”

Dr. Chris Bettacchi is NTIDC’s…

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