2021 Year in Review: Darcy cartoons


Cleveland’s longest serving mayor, Frank ‘It is what it is’ Jackson, does not seek reelection.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The following is a look back at a selection of some of my editorial cartoons on some of the top local and national stories.

Locally, I believe the two top stories were a new Cleveland mayor and a new name for Cleveland’s baseball team. Nationally, the United States elected its oldest president, its first female, Black-Asian American Vice President, survived a coup attempt and endured the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Bibb

Former intern for then Senator Barack Obama, Justin Bibb modeled his Cleveland Mayoral campaign after Obama.

Bibb Change

Justin Bibb echoed Barack Obama in defeating Cleveland City council president Kevin Kelley in Cleveland’s mayoral race.


Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team renamed itself the “Guardians” after the art deco statues called “Guardians of Traffic”…

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