2021 Greenville, South Carolina Music Rewind


It’s hard to believe another year on Greenville’s music scene is in the rearview mirror, but it’s time once again to look back over the year and talk about the best and brightest in the Upstate. Here’s a brief, and by no means complete, breakdown of who and what rocked our 2021.

Album Of The Year: Niel Brooks, “Senatohoba”

In a turbulent year, Niel Brooks released a sort of tonic with “Senatohoba.” The homemade gem is a multi-layered mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, mixing folk, country and progressive influences into a cohesive whole. Whether he’s recalling classic country divas on “Nashville Babylon” or bidding farewell to his grandfather on “Winter Mourn,” Brooks created a lovely, compelling musical world on “Senatohoba,” one that rewards repeated listens.

Best Band: Phantom Ships


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