Leonard Leo on Donald Trump and Supreme Court’s Term


Leo refused to comment on his personal views about the Bostock case, but defended Gorsuch’s conservative credentials. “Everything that Neil Gorsuch had written prior to Bostock strongly suggested that he was very committed to textualism,” he told me. Some conservatives may find Gorsuch’s approach overly literal, he said, but that’s just a matter for conservatives to debate. “Sometimes, originalists and textualists just misapply those doctrines,” he added. “That may make someone wrong. It doesn’t necessarily make them unprincipled. And there’s a difference.”

Bostock was just the beginning of bruising conservative defeats during this term. In June Medical Services v. Russo, the Court’s first big case on abortion since Trump was elected, Roberts cast the deciding vote to strike down a Louisiana law that regulated abortion providers. This was a “disaster,” Hawley tweeted. “It is a…



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