If You Know Who Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella’s Girlfriend Is, You Must Be CIA


Eric is a CIA officer who focuses on Ukraine and Russia. We all know that on some stage, Russia did intervene with our 2016 electoral course of. There are rumors that they plan to take action once more this 12 months. Whether or not Trump knew or not remains to be being debated. 

Most certainly, it was Eric who first introduced this to Democrats’ consideration. After all, Eric is politically biased. He by no means agreed with Trump’s overseas coverage. He’s a registered Democrat and labored beneath the Obama administration. 

Whistleblowers get folks into hassle by calling out data and actions that they deem punishable by legislation. Additionally they aren’t presupposed to be biased, though this, too, is up for debate.

Nevertheless it doesn’t matter if Eric is a Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. It additionally doesn’t matter if this can be a plot to get Trump out of the…



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