The Right Side: The FBI Is Not the Same as It Once Was — Better or Worse? You Be the Judge! – Frank Report


By J. Gary DiLaura

FBI, Retired 

I’ve written many columns under the moniker, “THE RIGHT SIDE”, that the FBI “has changed, significantly”, from when Bob Mueller became FBI Director (2001 to 9-4-13), through to the day James Comey was fired, 5-9-17.

In the time period from 2001 to 2017, 18 years of Mueller and Comey, together they destroyed the greatest crime-fighting law enforcement agency in the world… my opinion!

What it took to create in 76 years,1925 to 2001, Mueller, Comey and people like Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and a few DOJ lawyers destroyed!

Agents that I have spoken to who served both before and after the Mueller years agree that the change was from crime fighting to Intel gathering… at the expense of crime fighting and the reputation of the FBI.  Those who were appointed during Comey’s Directorship don’t seem to know the difference! Many of this new era…



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