A New America rises by manipulating our language and thoughts


Summary: The corruption of our language, mostly by the Left, already is producing a host of ill effects. We cannot communicate with each other. Increasingly we are incapable of clear thought. Perhaps worst of all, we are alienated from our own history and culture.

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By Nejron Photo. AdobeStock – 57445030.

As with so much going wrong today, we long ago were warned about the on-going corruption of our language. In April 1946 Horizon published George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language.” For those that missed the message, in June 1946 he published Nineteen Eighty-Four

. Orwell described controlling people by regulating allowed language (Newspeak) and re-writing history. No need to read those works today; just read the news. These are powerful methods to shape our minds, but effective only on sheep.

James Bowman explains how

the corruption of our language makes clear thought impossible.




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