Crowned Heads Slates Juárez Chihuahua for Late July – halfwheel


The new 5 1/2 x 48 version of Crowned Heads’ Juárez line has a name: Chihuahua.

Jon Huber, Crowned Heads co-founder, says he has been hoping to add a thinner size to the line since its inception.

“I’ve loved the Juárez blend since day one, but I’ve felt that there was a void in the sub-52 ring gauge lane,” said Huber, in a press release. “The range before Chihuahua was 52-56 (ring gauge), but now there will be a vitola for the smaller ring gauge smokers, such as myself.  I’ve been a fan of the Super Corona vitola since the Cubans released it as an Edición Limitada under the Bolivar marca in 2014, and it becomes a true flavor bomb in the Juárez blend.”

The Juárez Chihuahua will be priced at $6.45 and is a regular production offering. This is the second sub-52 ring gauge addition for the line following the Juárez Shots XX, a 4 x 50 limited edition vitola that debuted earlier this…



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