Is that Beavis and Butthead? Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan photo op trolled, Internet says ‘this is super insulting’


A picture of Matt Gaetz, the US representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district and Ranking Member Jim Jordan, the US Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district has gone viral. The two politicians, who made an appearance at the House Judiciary Committee closed-door meeting with Manhattan’s former chief federal prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman on July 9, were photographed speaking to the press side by side. The picture quickly became an internet sensation and a subject of meme content, with the Twitterverse calling them ‘Beavis and Butthead’, after the ’90s animated sitcom. ‘Butthead’ began trending after a user who posted the picture of Gaetz and Jordan captioned it as “who are these two? wrong answers only” and the responses flooding in mostly comprised of ‘Beavis’ and ‘Butthead’. 

Berman told the lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr repeatedly urged…



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