Trump freaks out Democrats. That’s why Republicans love him


To the editor: Why might Republicans have abided weakening their party by ceding its control to President Trump? It’s not just that he excels at manipulating the GOP’s core constituency. (“Sick of Trump? Blame our weak political parties,” Opinion, June 30)

More important is Trump’s unmatched ability to keep the Democrats befuddled and off-balance — so much so as to preclude them from settling on a nominee until deep into the primaries, or even crafting a convincing campaign message.

Privately, most of my GOP friends readily concede that Trump is the antithesis of the capable, composed and prudent leader needed to guide our country to a sustainable future beyond the next election day. But while he so adroitly antagonizes and weakens the opposition party, Republicans will indulge him as the antidote to their own party’s weaknesses.

Strange, since 2016 I haven’t heard anyone braying about American…



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