QAnon Is Disrupting America — Why Every Business Leader Should Be Concerned


A disorganized but growing network of conspiracy theorists and online agitators, collectively referred to as QAnon, is rapidly making its way from the shadows of the internet into mainstream culture. In doing so, QAnon supporters are exploiting the pain and frustration many people are feeling in 2020 to create a new wave of disruption that threatens not only governments, but businesses as well.

QAnon started out as a groundless conspiracy theory centered around an unnamed individual (or individuals) known as “Q.” Purportedly, “Q” started posting anonymous messages on online bulletin boards such 4Chan as early as 2017, claiming to have credentials and top security clearance. These so-called qualifications make the person’s cryptic posts about national and worldwide conspiracy theories, referred to as “breadcrumbs” or “drops,” sound credible to QAnon followers.

Among the theories, QAnon…



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