Despite Its Government’s Antics, America Has Made Moral Progress in a Difficult Time –


New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg recently pointed out that 2020 started off like 1974 (an impeachment crisis), quickly became 1918 (a pandemic), turned into 1929 (an economic crash), and then became 1968 (massive urban unrest). Any country that endured so much in so short a time would lose its way. But over the last month, despite the increasing political polarization and strife, America has made some real moral progress on issues of racial justice. That is a far cry from many other countries, including India, my native land, where the pandemic has aborted the struggle to win basic rights and protections for persecuted minorities.

The turmoil in America after a cop’s brutal murder of George Floyd is giving authoritarian rulers around the world a serious bout of schadenfreude. China’s state media has gone into an overtly gloating mode. The Global Times‘ editor-in-chief wrote that he hoped U.S….



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