FNC’s Carlson Criticizes ‘Weak’ Republicans in Time of Crisis — Accuses GOP Officials of Feeding Voters ‘Partisan Junk Food’


Tuesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his show with a monologue criticizing Republicans for being “weak” in this time of crisis, and with left-wing forces seizes on that opportunity.

He cited his interview with Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) from a night earlier, and his push for so-called police reform and support of the Black Lives Matter movement as an example. However, he argued if the country were to be restored to normalcy and without an onslaught of radical policies from the Democratic Party, the Republican Party would have to rise to the occasion.

“If you want to be left alone to do your job and raise your family in this country, you will need a protector,” he said. “That protector must be the Republican Party. There are no other options. But it must be a very different kind of Republican Party.”

Carlson maintained it would be up to GOP voters to force the party’s elected…



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