At Long Last, YouTube Bans Notorious White Supremacists


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As America continues its racial justice reckoning, tech companies are struggling to meet the moment with long-overdue changes. YouTube has now banned several notorious white supremacist accounts, including those of podcaster and “scientific racism” espouser Stefan Molyneux, white nationalist poster boy Richard Spencer, and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In addition, they’ve banned channels belonging to white nationalist publication American Renaissance and Spencer’s NPI/Radix organization.

YouTube has spent years as a cesspool of racist ideology, promoting baseless conspiracy theories and giving the alt-right a platform with zero accountability. And while the company has had a code of conduct in place, it frequently ignores its own rules unless there is massive public outcry.

The streaming giant allowed hate speech on their site as long as it didn’t “incite violence,” but changed…



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