2020 US Presidential Election Odds and Betting: Trump vs. Biden | Insight


2020 US Election Odds

Donald Trump’s stranglehold of the 2020 US Election betting market has certainly slipped during June 2020. Apart from a small period in Mid-March (2020), Tump’s been the favorite to win the election since the market opened following his victory over Hillary Clinton back in 2016. However, if the US election odds are anything to go by, June has been a bad month for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden joined Donald Trump as joint-favorite in Mid-March, but slipped back into second-favortism during April and May. However, the Democratic candidate has now become the clear favorite in the market, which has caused the current President’s odds to move to the longest they’ve been for 15 months.

The table below shows Joe Biden is the significant market leader, and according to the bookmakers is the most likely winner of the 2020 US Election.

Candidate Odds (UK Format) Odds (US…



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