The bizarre world of the QAnon-trailer News


But the movement is more than a collection of right-wing weirdo: she has explained to the American democracy the war, and seems willing to defend trump’s presidency, if necessary, with weapons. David Hayes didn’t know what he should from the Coronavirus hold. As a paramedic, he understood well how it worked, medically, and as a deeply devout Christian, he was sure that God would preserve him from in front of a contagion. But the question of Why he could not answer.

On the 23. March of the Californians then received a sign. His Prophet Q had talked about in a Post on the Portal 4chan to him and proclaimed: The Virus had been built with Barack Obama’s help in a Chinese laboratory to thwart Donald trump’s presidency. Hayes, of the “Praying Medic”- the praying medic is called online, spread the…



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