Russian bounties: This has got to be the worst of Trump’s outrages


I accompanied the President and First Lady, along with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Defense Secretary William Cohen, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and others to Joint Base Andrews to bear witness to the dignified transfer. That very day my oldest son turned 6. He had not a care in the world, nor the slightest concern that Daddy might not ever come home. But those families, they were already worried even before the attacks. Someone they loved was serving their country half a world away. Nearly a quarter-century later, none of their birthdays or weddings, anniversaries or graduations have been the same.

I have never forgotten those families or that day. Like everyone, I was heartbroken. But our grief soon hardened into resolve. Clinton, especially, felt the burden to avenge their death. It’s fair to say he became almost obsessed with al Qaeda for the remainder of his presidency. He tried to get bin…



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