Jean Raspail, right wing prophet of ‘identity politics’ has died


This might be the key to understanding how and why Raspail wrote a novel depicting the armed uprising of the ‘Français de souche’ (Native French) against non-Europeans. In February 2011, Raspail gave an interview to the Far-Right FM station Radio Courtoisie in Paris. He explained that he refused to talk openly about race because of the existing legislation but that according to him, «true French diversity made French richness, but only when immigration led to ‘a Whites-only melting-pot’ ».

Raspail, who was in regular contact with the New Right despite being a diehard Monarchist and Catholic Traditionalist, certainly shared Renaud Camus’ belief that that ‘Great Replacement’ was on its way. As a reactionary pessimist, he believed that it was probably too late for ‘White Europe’ to reverse the trend of immigration, thus his ethno-nationalist stand and his idea that European civilization of…



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