In lockdown with a conspiracy theorist


Q’s first posts claimed that Hillary Clinton would soon be arrested and that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a puppet installed by the cia. The central tenet of Q’s story concerns a cohort of satanic paedophiles, including Clinton, Barack Obama and many actors in Hollywood, who are manipulating the media and government to engage in a secret war against the American president. According to Q, Trump is fighting back with a military operation, known as “The Storm”, which aims to send the members of this group to Guantánamo Bay, an American military prison in Cuba which was established during America’s war on terror and has been widely criticised for its human-rights abuses. These arrests would launch a fundamental transformation of society known as the “Great Awakening”.

This theory has amassed a cult following of keyboard warriors who follow every cryptic, puzzle-like post, which they then…



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