How Bill Barr threatens the ‘deep state,’ not the rule of law: Ian Prior


Former Department of Justice Deputy Director of Public Affairs Ian Prior explained on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday why he believes that Attorney General William Barr does not represent a threat to the rule of law.

Prior penned a Washington Times op-ed, which was published on Monday. In it, he wrote: “Democrats are furious at Attorney General Bill Barr. They should be.”

“Mr. Barr is trying to tear the deep state up by its roots and expose the delusions of moral superiority that have infected so many in the intelligence and federal law enforcement communities,” the op-ed said.

Last week, a federal appeals court ordered a lower court to allow the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to be dismissed, as requested by the Justice Department.

Also last week, a House Judiciary Committee hearing focused on oversight of the Department of Justice was marked by searing…



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