Light’em Up Lounge Will Continue


140.000 viewers from more than 70 countries at more than 40 inspiring live sessions hosting the cigar industry’s icons – the Light’em Up Lounge has gained a very significant following and excellent reputation among the gobal cigar community.

From July 1st, 2020, Light’em Up will go live every Wednesday at 8pm CET, 2pm EST. The upcoming schedule is just as promising as the previous sessions, with special guests including Alejandro Turrent, Gaby Kafie, Robert Caldwell, Alec & Bradley Rubin, Cigar Rights of America, Jessi Flores, Michael Giannini or Art Garcia.

“I am honored and grateful to build a platform for this industry I love so much, where passionados can meet and share memorable moments and engaging experiences”, says Reinhard Pohorec, the Austrian experience designer & sensory expert who has launched the first Virtual Lounge on March 20th, in collaboration…



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