Jill Biden And Hillary Clinton Campaign Virtually In Missouri For Joe Biden


Jill Biden, wife of likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, is calling for Americans to be mindful of threats to their votes as they head into this fall’s contest between her husband and President Donald Trump.

During an online fundraising event Thursday with St. Louis supporters, Jill Biden recounted her sister’s experience in Tuesday’s primary in Pennsylvania. She said her sister voted in person, and was concerned that when she turned in her sealed ballot, the poll worker took it into another room.

“My sister said to me, ‘Jill, I didn’t see him put it in a box. I didn’t see him put it anywhere safe.’ ”

All Americans need to ensure that “our votes count,’’ Jill Biden said.

Joining Jill Biden during the online event was Hillary Clinton, who aired similar concerns about voting.

“Trump and the Republicans will do everything they can to prevent people from voting,” said…



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