Senior Writer Geoff Hobson answers questions from fans.


Hey Geoff, I enjoy your take, in the answers you provide to readers questions, and have one of my own. With our QB room having no NFL experience, what if we brought in Alex Smith. Don’t think he’ll ever play again, but let him coach Joe B Mike Bogan, Mineral, VA

MIKE: Thank you for reading. I’m so old, I remember Jon Kitna and Ryan Fitzpatrick, not just Bruce Gradkowski and AJ McCarron, so I’m a big fan of veteran backups because all of those guys ended up playing big roles either in the locker room or on the field or both. But it doesn’t look like Bengals head coach Zac Taylor is as big of a fan.

Here’s a guy that played quarterback. Who has scouted NFL quarterbacks for much of this decade. So he knows his QBs and in the two seasons he’s been here he seems more intent on adding young talent. Plus, a veteran, say an Alex Smith, is going to cost some money that I…



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