The National’s Aaron Dessner Responds to False Right-Wing Accusation – Variety


Aaron Dessner of the rock group the National took to social media Sunday to declare that he was in the rural countryside — and offer photographic evidence — after bizarrely being accused by right-wing accounts of being an “Antifa organizer caught on camera appearing to pay some kids to riot.”

The first tweet suggesting that Dessner was the man seen on camera seemed as if it might even have been intended in jest. Regardless, it was taken up as real and spread by users who took a threatening tone against the falsely identified musician. “Post his address… (and) let Jesus take the wheel after his info is out,” wrote one tweeter with a Q in his user name, signifying that he is part of the conspiracy theory-promoting QAnon.

But Dessner’s address is a long way from any urban uprisings — and so was he over the weekend, as he took to Instagram to clarify.

“I’m very fortunate and grateful…



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