‘Push Polling’ In South Carolina’s First Congressional District Targets Nancy Mace


Voters in South Carolina’s fiercely competitive first congressional district are receiving “push polls” slamming the Republican frontrunner for this seat – but who is behind the political hit?

Also … what is a “push poll?”

Unlike legitimate surveys (which seek to obtain accurate data on the status of an election), push polls are instruments of pure propaganda – political messages disguised as surveys that are intended to influence public opinion on a broad scale.  

Usually, these “polls” spread negative information about one or more candidates … often without any attribution.

“Push polls don’t care about results (i.e. what percentage of people answered a question a certain way) because they aren’t intended to be scientific surveys – they are intended to spread mass messages under the ruse of public opinion polling,” we noted in a post a few years back referencing the…



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