Gov. Northam Can’t Help Himself, Picks Gun Control Over Virus Control


Gun control legislation has been all the rage in Richmond since Democrats took over the Virginia General Assembly last November. The Democratic majority teamed with Gov. Ralph Northam in their ambitious efforts to cross items off the gun control checklist, such as enacting a “red flag” law, banning private firearm transfers, reviving a handgun purchase limit, and even implementing a modern sporting rifle ban that was thankfully defeated in committee — for now.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the governor who wouldn’t let his past use of blackface stop his political pandering would also not let a global pandemic stop him and his fellow Democrats from diverting taxpayer funds toward purely symbolic gun control programs.

This past March, as the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping across the nation, Virginia’s General Assembly passed SB 248, a bill that would redirect $3 million in grant…



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