Dem. Rep. Charlie Crist requested a proxy vote over health concerns — then went to the SpaceX launch


If anyone was looking for a good example of how the House of Representatives’ new proxy voting system could be abused, Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist (Fla.) just provided a near perfect one.

What are the details?

Crist, as the new policy dictates, submitted a request for another member to vote on his behalf Wednesday, noting in a letter to the clerk’s office that he would be “unable to physically attend proceedings” due to “the ongoing public health emergency.”

Then the congressman, who represents Florida’s 13th Congressional District based in St. Petersburg on the state’s west coast, hopped in his car to drive across the state to the Kennedy Space Center to watch the historic SpaceX launch.

Sadly, the launch ended up being scrubbed for poor weather, meaning Crist wasn’t able to watch the launch while bailing on work.

In a tweet Wednesday announcing his planned attendance at the event, Crist made no mention of the…



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