Thank God for the Mute Button During Tuesday’s House Oversight Hearing


Christi Grimm, the deputy inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services who was replaced by the president* in May after her office produced a report that detailed shortages of personal-protective equipment and testing devices in the country’s hospitals, met the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday and her every remark fairly glowed with judicious care. She refused to follow the committee’s Republicans into the wilds of dubious therapeutics and she also refused to take the opportunities presented to her by Democrats to inveigh against the administration* that demoted her. She contented herself with defending her report as a “snapshot” of where the country was in April, when the research was conducted, and with defending the role of inspectors-general, well, generally.

“I view, and the community views, the independence and effectiveness of an inspector general as a key safeguard…



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